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Micro Greens

Micro Greens


Grow in the Dark

Edible Flowers


Specialist Leaf

Our living trays of micro herbs are grown with great care and attention in our specialist indoor facility. 

Available 12 months of the year, we can grow to order to ensure customers receive the perfect size micro greens. 

From mustard cress to micro sage, we've got a wide range of micro herbs to suit every need. 


Tastes of earthy mild beet. Pairs with goats cheese, eggs, fish, salads, game, desserts, garnishing & multiple use with meats.

Basil, Lemon

Fragrant lemon scents and flavours. Pairs well with Indonesian & Thai cuisine, chicken, fish, seafood, courgettes, goats cheese.

Basil, Red

Basil, Sweet

Tastes of spicy-sweet liquorice flavours. Pairs with tomatoes, goats cheese, mozzarella cheese, lemon, eggs, mint, shellfish, lamb, chicken, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, figs.

Basil, Thai

Tastes of peppery, anise, sweet liquorice. Pairs with Thai curries, salads, noodle stir fries, chicken, pork, beef, seafood.

Beet Bulls Blood, 

Olympia Red

Rich earthy sweet flavour. Pairs well with cheeses feta & Gorgonzola, bacon, prosciutto, shallots, eggs, dill, paprika, smoked fish, walnuts, garlic, chives, citrus, hazelnut, pistachio oil, and vinegar. ​


Mild cucumber tastes with a succulent crunch. Pairs well with soft cheeses, salads, fish, eel, Pimm's, fruit salads, peas, potatoes.



Tastes of delicate aniseed flavours. Pairs with French cuisine, fish, lamb, beetroot, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, fennel, potatoes, tomatoes, lemon, chicken, veal, white fish, soft cheese, eggs.

Chives, Thick Leaf

A delicately flavoured mild onion taste, slightly salty mixed with a spicy sweet undertone. Pairs well with avocadoes, potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, fish, seafood, eggs, smoked fish, cheese. Sits well with other fresh herbs such as tarragon, chervil, parsley, garlic


Refreshing and lemony with a delicate aroma and hints of pepper, lemon, orange and sage to taste. Pairs with peppers, avocado, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, black beans, coconut, peanuts, chicken, pork, beef, white fish, seafood, rice, lemon, lime, cumin, chilli, garlic, mint.

Dill Dukat

Great taste and high in essential oils.

Pairs well with fish, it's versatile and subtle flavours will also enhance many vegetable and meat dishes.

Fennel, Bronze

Tastes of anise flavours. Pairs with fish, chicken.

Fennel, Green

Tastes fresh, sweet and aniseedy. Pairs with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, duck, pork, oily fish, shellfish, anchovies, chilli, olives, oranges, cream, Parmesan cheese.

Hyssop, Anise

Kale, Dwarf Blue Green Curled

Kale, Red Russian

Mild cabbage flavour, slightly nutty with sweet and earthy undertones. Pairs with soups, tomatoes, chickpeas, squash, tarts, sausage meats.


Tastes of mild onion, less bitter than scallions. Pairs with fish, chicken, tarts.​

Lemon Balm

Tastes of mild lemon mint. Pairs with apricots, figs, strawberries, melon, carrots, mushrooms, fennel, tomatoes, white cheese, pork, chicken, fish, desserts, chocolate, savoury seasoning.

Lettuce, Red Batavia

Typically sweet and crisp. Pairs well with summer salads, peppers, goats cheese, sausage, tuna, smoked chicken, cream cheese, cheese.​

Lettuce, Tango

Tangy flavours without a bitter taste. Pairs well with salads, cheese, meats, seafood, spicy food. 


Flavours of celery and anise with warm spicy undertones. Pairs well with tomatoes, peas, beans, lentils, carrots, potatoes, leeks, lettuce, cucumbers, ham, chicken, smoked fish, white fish, cheese. 

Mexican, Marigold

Distinct tangy, tropical fruit like taste. Pairs with rice, eggs, salad leaves, peppers, beetroot, cream, fish, chicken, soft cheese.

Mexican, Tarragon

Mexican Tarragon has a sweet, slightly anise flavour similar to that of French Tarragon. Add at the end of cooking as the leaves break down more easily

Mint, Korean

Scents and flavours of liquorice and spearmint. Pairs well with Asian cooking, beef, apples, fennel, pecans.

Mint, Green

Mizuna, Red Baron Plus

Taste of mustard and peppery cabbage. Pairs with salads, lightly chopped in stir fries and soups, 

Mustard, Green Fire

Flavours of horseradish and wasabi, classically spicy. Pairs with Japanese dishes, raw or cooked fish, meat dishes.

Mustard, Red Carpet

Mild mustard taste with notes of cauliflower. Pairs with cabbage, hearty meats, fish.

Mustard, Mix

Mustard, Wasabina

Nasturtium, Alaska Mix

Very peppery taste

Nasturtium, Blue Pepe

Spicy in flavour, peppery and bittersweet. Pairs with salads, beef, chicken, lamb, game, mackerel, ravioli, sheep's cheese.

Pak Choi, Crunchy Mix

Pak Choi, Golden Yellow

Flavours are sweet with a hint of mustard. Pairs with soups, stir fries, soy sauce, hot peppers, toasted sesame oil.

Pak Choi, Purple Rain

Pak Choi, Red Wizard

Tastes of mild cabbage, floral. Pairs with Beef, cheeses, eggs, sandwiches, salads.

Parsley, Italian Giant

Beautiful rich flavor with dark green leaves. This is an Italian flat leave variety that has richer flavor than curled Parsley. Excellent in salads, sauces, soups, and stews.

Pea, Non Tendril Salad

Sweet podded pea flavour. 

Pea, Oregon Dark Pea

Pea, Shoots Style

Tastes of sweet fresh pea flavour. Pairs with fish and seafood, hot and cold dishes, salads.

Radish, Daikon

The radish flavour is quite bold for it micro size. Pair with vegetables and stir-fries to add a touch of spice

Radish, Rioja

Sage, English

Musky quality and warmly spiced balsamic taste. Pairs well with pork, chicken, bacon, turkey, goose, duck, offal, onions, potato, squash, green beans, apples, polenta, blue cheese.

Salad, Rocket Victoria

The peppery, nutty flavour of this rocket is delicious. Pairs well with stir-fries, tomato and pasta dishes as well as salads.

Salad, Rocket Wild - Napoli

Salad Mix, Bright & Spicy

Tastes of salad Leaves with a hint of spice. Pairs with salads, garnishes, sandwiches.

Salad Mix, Frilly Salad

Salad Mix, Mesclun

A lettuce based blend, with colourful lettuces Little Gem, Tango, Red Batavia, Green Batavia, Cerbiatta, Red Salad Bowl.​

Salad, Burnet

Shiso, Green

Very earthy flavours. Pairs well with Asian creations, sushi, sashimi, seafood, salads.

Shiso, Perillo

Subtle flavours of cumin, anise, and cinnamon with a cool minty undertone. Pairs with beef, chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, noodles, tomatoes.

Sorrel Red Veined

Tangy and lemony in flavour with notes of sour apples. Pairs with salads, garnishing, oily fish, goats cheese, lentils, peas, eggs, potatoes, chicken, leeks, cucumber, tomatoes.

Thyme, English

Spicy and warming. Pairs well with Poultry, pork, lamb, beef, game, fish, leeks, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, celery, celeriac, tomatoes, lentils, beans, cheese, cream, eggs, pasta, chocolate, orange, lemon, apples.

Tree Spinach

The younger leaves and growing tips, which are splashed with vivid pink, can be eaten raw in salads and larger leaves can be cooked as spinach. Cooked it tastes similar to spinach, with a nuttier taste, and some people say with a hint of asparagus.