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Our Story

Micro Greens


Grow in the Dark

Edible Flowers


Specialist Leaf

When learning that the field next to the Dental Academy was for sale

Dr Kevin Dobbs and his wife Jan had a very exciting and unusual project in mind, to bring exceptional quality produce to local chefs in the form of living salads, herbs, vegetables and edible flowers.

Keeping it as green as possible with no use of pesticides and chemicals, their aim is to produce the freshest products, with exceptional flavour profiles and aroma's you can only imagine.

The growing rooms within the barn emulate the perfect environment for the cultivation of their produce. 

Establishing a perfect climate with precise control of temperature and humidity, the germination room provides the best beginning for the micro herbs and leaves.

Outdoor growing uses sustainable no dig techniques, producing heritage vegetables of exquisite quality.

They have an established portfolio of exceptional chefs across the North of England, many of whom have become personal friends.

Simon Martin and team from Michelin Star Restaurant Mana.

Kevin & Jan Dobbs (Centre) with [email protected] team

Tom & Elly from Chefs Table